A Journey From The Womb To The Second Womb


A Journey From The Womb To The Second Womb


A Practical Guide to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling Life

1. Introduction
2. Who are you? Where do you come from?
3. Knowing your body.
The physical aspect of our existence
4. How it all started
5. Examining the dysfunctions of the body and the
roads to healing
6. Why the body loves moving
7. Exploring your mind and soul
8. The power of the conscious and the
subconscious mind
9. What is the mind? Is it the same as the brain?
10. Malfunctions of the mind
11. The 2 most powerful behaviors of the mind
12. Your spiritual self
13. Healing yourself physically and mentally
14. Common misconceptions
15. 7 Practical tips to regain clarity, sanity, and oneness

16. understanding stress scientifically 

"A Journey From The Womb To The Second Womb" is a journey of self-discovery through the lenses of the author.

It is an eye-opening venture as it takes you through every aspect of your divine self. passing by body-mind-soul

If you’re looking to understand who you really are beyond what society tells you to be, this is the perfect read for you.

If you’re looking to find a good balance between a peaceful, happy mind and a healthy body, this book has great practical tips for you.

this book not only speaks about the causes of stress but about solutions and about secrets techniques and know-how. to ELIMINATE Stress.

-You will Receive also A full Album meditative cd- for peace, de-stressing, calmness, composed to target brain waves for reducing their excitability

_between life experiences, trips, studies, this book Talks about my personal experience too.


Jad Mehanna is a music composer, life and health coach (Psychologist and philosopher)

Musically :
He is known for his ethnic and world music.

For the first time, Jad writes about his experiences, learning, and personal transformation, driven by his love of humanity and compassion.

After writing over 2000 successful musical pieces, Hundreds of Blogs and articles about Life, Jad decides to explore the mysterious light that brought us all here through coaching, psychology, and spirituality.

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