La Riviere Du Ciel -Piano Book with Mp3


La Riviere Du Ciel -Piano Book with Mp3


I have written these music pieces for all beings that are thirsty for magical melodies,

Especially for Pianists who needs this breeze of Love; other instrument players can benefit from it too.

I want to share my passion, love and compassion to all of you.

My ultimate purpose is to see all of you playing my pieces that were born in my heart, and will find places in yours.
Jad Mehanna Born in 1978 , from Lebanon.

Pianist, arranger, composer and author.

After achieving worldwide pieces for music television, songs, and music for documentaries,

he goes back for his initial purpose, to create romantic and memorable melodies for all ages and especially pianists.

He believes that re-creating memorable melodies as our previous generation had can help the young generation to re discover the meaning of music, which is a link between earth and heaven.

You can find many of his work on


Musical blessings to everyone.

You can find video tutorials of the music pieces and many others on

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