Practical Tips for Chronic Stress


Practical Tips for Chronic Stress


E-BOOK !! {Practical Tips For Chronic Stress} !!!

In Only 50 pages, you will get info and tips, condensed in a nice, practical and light way, more than 10 heavy books.

For you to heal From stress, you must understand it, get more info
accept it
learn tips from all 3 angles

Trust me I have been there, and I'm sharing my knowledge as never read before

From My perspective as a life coach, stress coach, nutrition consultant
music composer, author

you will not get this type of info in this clear matter anywhere


you will get over 10 pieces of music, burn down a cd, and listen to it
at home, car, and get relived immediately,
these music are meant for your relaxation and healing
they are from my composition too.
fb @stress.coach1
email :

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